Dear freshman self

Dear freshman self,

You thought this day would never come: You’re finally graduating. When you first started school at Auburn, May 2016 was always the targeted graduation date. You were nervous on whether or not you’d be able to do it, but you did. You finished college in four years, and next week, your time at Auburn is coming to an end. Freshman year was only four years ago, but it seems like it’s been a decade. You won’t believe some of the things you’ve experienced. But I do have six things I want you to know.

1. Boys are stupid.
They’re also annoying, and nothing they do will make any sense because their actions don’t match their words. If you think they’re confusing now, just wait until you’re 22. They’re even more of a question mark, and you still won’t understand anything about them. Have fun in the future, 19-year-old me!

2. Auburn football will make you go through a roller coaster of emotions.
Yes, we sucked in 2012. Yes, we had the worst season in Auburn football history when you were a freshman. But nothing can prepare you for the madness that will be 2013. Don’t listen to the haters and the critics. Auburn football will go from zero to 100 real quick. There will be two games in particular that will be especially memorable, but the entire season is going to be magical.


3. For the love of God, stop procrastinating.
I am literally begging you; Stop procrastinating! It’s a bad habit, and it will only make things harder as you get older. Don’t wait until the day before the exam to start studying, because that will get you nowhere.

Always keep index cards in stock; they are your best friends. For many of your classes, the exams will be heavily based on the vocabulary. No, they won’t all be definition tests, but if you know the definition of the words, you’ll be able to figure out the answers. Make index cards for all the vocabulary and then use them to study at least three days before the exam.

4. You’re going to make friends that will last a lifetime.thumb_IMG_3633_1024
Some of your friends you made freshman year will still be very good, close friends when you’re a senior. One of your best friends is going to be your roommate, and you will bond over how much you hate your other roommates. But later on, you’re also going to make some other friends who will be game changers. You’re going to wish you knew them freshman year, so don’t get scared to branch out.

5. Choose your minor now.
Business is the best minor to go along with a public relations degree. Go ahead and declare it your minor now. That way, you won’t be playing catch up on all the courses. Taking 18 hours the fall semester of senior year is harder than you think. Most of the business courses will overlap with the ones you have to take for public relations, but you will have to take three additional ones (finance, accounting and macroeconomics). They’re very difficult classes, so the more you spread those courses out, the happier you will be.

6. The job hunt is as hard as people say.
Sadly, you don’t have a job lined up yet. But you’re trying. It won’t be an easy process, so be prepared for never hearing back from some companies. Be prepared to send out so many applications, you lose count. But start networking, continue to beef up that resume and have faith that it will all work out.

Senior self

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